SafetyPLUS course for fleet riders

Protect your riders. Protect your business. Protect your bikes.

Introducing SafetyPLUS, GreenMo’s answer to enhanced safety and accident prevention within the motorcycle and moped delivery market. A full-day course run by professionals, which teaches roadcraft, the Highway Code and practical riding skills in a delivery context.

Session 1

Slowly does it. First we check whether the rider can ride to basic CBT standard. Then we introduce more advanced techniques for riding in all conditions culminating in a practical test of collision avoidance skills.

Session 2

Back to the classroom. Ever heard of the SMIDSY effect? Or seen a dancing bear? Now we revise the Highway Code, discuss roadcraft and factors leading to collisions and touch on proper vehicle maintenance. With a cup of tea, obvs…

Session 3

Right, get yer kit on. Practice makes perfect, and that’s why the longest session is on the road. We simulate the various challenges faced by delivery riders and help them to understand potential accident scenarios and how to avoid them.

Good riders are hard to come by; responsible businesses want to hold on to them and protect them.