Book your GreenMo Moped

It’s quick and easy to book your moped.
You just fill in the form below, upload your documents and pay the £30 booking fee. When you come to collect your moped, we charge you the rest of the first week’s rent. You don’t lose your booking fee unless you don’t come at the time you book, although if you call us we may agree to let you set another date or time to pick up.  The fee isn’t refunded if you just change your mind, as we could have given the moped to another rider.
Sometimes we can’t rent a moped to you because our insurance won’t cover you – when this happens we will refund the booking fee back to your card and you’ll get it in 5 to 10 working days.  Please note that you MUST be over 21 to rent.
Terms and conditions of booking are available to download HERE. Terms and conditions of rental are available to download HERE.