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The Largest Two-wheel Electric Delivery Fleet in the World

With over 35,000 vehicles on the road across 8 countries in Europe, our team of over 300 technicians make sure your fleet works for you and delivers for your customers

Save Money

As petrol increases in price, switching to electric saves more and more money. And with GreenMo there are no compromises.

The Best Service

Our technicians all go through rigorous training to ensure that your fleet is reliable and service levels are met

Fully Electric

Customers like their food delivered sustainably: over 75% of UK adults say they are worried about climate change

Electric Vehicles Save Money

Hiring from us can save £50 per vehicle per month compared with the best petrol deals.

And our parts are one third the cost of the competition

SUPER SOCO CPX – 125cc equivalent scooter

Simply best in class. It’s the only removable battery motorcycle that can cope with delivery shifts

Over 15 million miles travelled per year. Super reliable and in use with all the UK’s most prominent delivery companies.

Motorcycle (L3) class with adjustable top speed between 30 mph to 56 mph

Battery 60V 40Ah (2 batteries possible) with up to 40 miles range each

Batteries charge in 3.5 hours; keeping one on charge and one in the bike means unlimited range

NOORD E-BIKE – advanced electric bicycle

Developed using the latest components for a smooth, reliable ride which will keep your riders happy

Pedal assist, limited to 15.5mph with 250W Shimano crank-mounted torque assist motor

Battery 36V 16Ah, charge in 3.5 hours with a standard power outlet; range approximately 35 miles per battery

Boxes mountable at rear or use with backpack

Stuart GreenMo delivery rider

Give your riders the training they need to avoid accidents and downtime

Over 30 delivery riders die every year – and that’s just in London. Our SafetyPLUS course has been set up to give riders the skills to avoid common accidents, keeping them happy and productive and reducing fleet downtime

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