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e-Scooter and e-Bike Rental for Fleets and Owner-riders

Save up to £100 per month compared with petrol – go green, eliminate noise AND save money

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A fully refurbished vehicle, delivered to your workplace or available from our central London location, every few months

We take care of maintenance so you don’t have to worry

Either pop your vehicle into our central London location or book one of our friendly team to come and service you where you are.  No calling garages, waiting for spares or unexpected bills.  No hassle!

Europe’s only experienced electric operator

With over 1,000 electric vehicles on the road around Europe, we are the most reliable solution for your business.  We’ve worked hard with the industry to develop a product that’s perfect for delivery.  Why risk using anybody else?

1.  Huge battery capable of up to 90 miles

2.  All-round disc brakes

3.  USB power connection for mobile phones

4.  Massive box with space for branding

5.  Powerful 4,000W motor

1.  Fully electric pedal assist system, multiple power levels and linked brakes

2.  Maintenance-free chain

3.  Big battery for 40 miles range

4.  Box with branding space

5.  Powerful 250W hub motor